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WordPress 2.7 and Fluency Admin 2 Plugin

WordPress 2.7 has a redesigned admin panel that goes a long way to making WordPress more usable. When I upgraded to WordPress 2.7 and deactivated the old Fluency Admin plugin I had installed to make the old admin more usable, I wanted to have a play around with the new WordPress 2.7 Admin style. Unfortunately, it didn’t take me long to find a whole raft of things I didn’t like about it. For one I found the navigation clumsy and inconsistent in its “javascripty” interactions, and I really don’t like collapsing drawers like they have in the navigation now.

So I went hunting and found that Dean Robinson had released a new version of his Fluency Admin plugin rewritten from the ground up for the new version of WordPress. After reading what the plugin changes and why on Dean’s website I knew I’d love it. So, I installed it and… wow. I loved the things Dean did with Fluency Admin 1 in previous versions of WordPress and was suitably impressed with what he did with this one. 

Check out Dean’s page about the plugin for some screenshots. One thing I’m, really loving is similar to a function Habari has. Habari has quick keyboard shortcuts for all the major functions in the menu, and now with this plugin, WordPress Admin has something similar. 

On a side note, the upgrade to WordPress 2.7 went very smoothly, I have WordPress installed the “subversion way” so one “svn switch” command then one Upgrade page visit and boom, all done.